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Bespoke Wedding Bands

Diamond jewellery we supply

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Our diamond rings include being in the form of solitaire diamond rings and being within a bridal set. Feel free to call us for further information.

Both stores offer a custom made bespoke wedding band and engagement ring service, giving you the opportunity to create a custom diamond ring both unique and individual to you. This is perfect in enabling our customers to be supplied with a ring which will still carry a great deal of meaning in years to come.

Likewise, this is a great service offering if you may have seen an engagement ring which may have caught your eye and you would like us to recreate a similar piece tailored to your needs.

Bespoke Wedding Bands

A wedding band is one of the single most important parts of any wedding day, it is the one thing that will stay with you from the beginning of your wedding celebrations and for the rest of your married life together.

We are one of the leading suppliers of wedding rings. We have no end of wedding rings for our customers to choose from and we have been priveleged to design and make no end of designs for customers over the years. We are only too aware of the signifigance of wedding bands and the role they carry to a wedding as well as a marriage; after all, they bind a marriage for years to come.

We have commissioned many unique custom made wedding rings for our customers in the past. We can do all of this using Computer Aided Design (CAD) and expertly crafted to meet our clients needs and requirements.

For more information on our offering of wedding rings, related information and getting the necessary advice on our diamond wedding rings, please contact us, or visit our Marlow or Wokingham store. From here it would be our pleasure to show you what we can do in helping you get the perfect wedding ring you could wish for.



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