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Diamond Services

Diamond jewellery services we supply

  • Diamond sourcing
  • Diamond consultation
  • Diamond collection management

Our variety of bespoke diamond ear rings

Wellington Jewellers both source and produce jewellery of the highest grade and offer a personal service, in turn assuring you of a quality service and finish. We offer our services to both private clients and the trade, at highly competitive prices.

With stores in both Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, our handcrafting skills can clean up and size your castings or stampings to any given specification.

There are also an array of other services we have to offer our customer's, related to diamonds, listed below.

Diamond sourcing

We will assure you can be confident that we have in place concrete and comprehensive measures to ensure that the products we sell do not contain Conflict Diamonds. The source of our diamonds is an aspect we take very seriously and have in place a great deal of due diligence.

We are appalled by the violence in countries where proceeds from the sale of diamonds and other natural resources. We undertake a highly ehtical approach in how we source the diamonds we stock.

Diamond consultation

We possess expertise for diamonds that spans over many years experience, drawing on a heritage going back four generations. As a result, we have the expertise and knowledge required to help you custom design the perfect piece of diamond jewellery. We also possess the contacts and experience to ensure we can realise your personal vision and requirements.

Of course you may be unsure about buying diamonds online, and it's no good us simply saying we guarantee' or we promise'. In all cases we work hard to earn your trust, whether that means talking to you over the phone, meeting you in person to ensure you can have peace of mind throughout. In the meantime, we can tell you about some things that might help to set your mind at rest.

Diamond collection management

An additional service we offer is the looking after and management of anybody looking to start or grow a diamond collection of your very own.



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